A Message from the Commander


   It’s been a while since my last message and there have been some things that deserve mention. At this year’s State Convention, Post 17 received five awards and one of Naugatuck’s firefighters, Capt. Walter Seaman was awarded firefighter of the year.

  July 8 was Post 17’s official 100th anniversary. The events committee has come up with a really good celebration tied into the Naugatuck Fallfest on Sept. 28. Come down and support the Post and celebrate 100 years of helping veterans and their families and taking part in community projects. We are also the major player in Veterans Council activities.

  This year Congress passed and the President signed into law the “Legion Act”. This gives eligibility into the American Legion any person who has served honorably on active duty since Dec. 7, 1941 to present. I am asking all of you to actively seek out those newly qualified veterans and sign them up. They need to produce their separation papers to join. (DD214, etc.)

  Also, Bingo is finally starting to make money and looks like it will solve our financial problems. However, as always, we could use more help. The more help we have, the easier it is for everybody. I will keep the members posted via email of upcoming events like replacing cemetery flags in October and distributing poppies in November. The ceremonies and parade on Veterans Day is one where I would like to see more veterans involved. After all, it is YOUR day.

  We have a new Service Officer, Bill Mason. He is well qualified and committed to the job.

 We still have coffee every weekday morning from 9 to 10:30. Come in, say hello, drink some coffee and get caught up to what’s happening at Post 17. I am there every morning and enjoy seeing old friends and meeting new ones. You do not have to belong to Post 17 to join in on our morning coffee sessions. Just being a veteran is enough.

 Yours in Service