November's Message from the Commander


            I want to start by thanking all those who came out to help with our ziti dinner and our kielbasa dinner. Both were successful with a good turnout. Also the members that braved the weather and distributed poppies at Walmart did really great and I thank them for their efforts. We had to postpone the flag replacement at Grove Cemetery 2 weeks in a row due to rain. The Halloween parade at the Maple St firehouse went well. Good turnout and again several members stepped up to help out and I thank them. I can’t say enough about the participation of so many of our members in all the activities. It makes me proud to be your Commander.

            It seems like there was no letup for the last month. Bingo should be starting soon and we had many obstacles to overcome and we almost have everything in place.

            Once again I ask you to bring in new members. We have met our quota for the last 2 years but we lost a few members to Post Everlasting this year and we have to replace them. If you have not yet sent in your 2019 membership, please do so as soon as possible. Membership can be renewed online at or you can save postage by stopping by the post any weekday morning from 9 to 1030. Stop by anyway, say hello, have a cup of coffee and have some good conversation. I always enjoy the company of our members.

            We have wheelchairs, walkers, handicap commodes, crutches and canes available for any veteran who needs help.