A Message from the Commander


            The “busy season” is over for now. I want to thank those members who helped out with all of our various Memorial Day ceremonies and those who participated in the parade. We had a decent turnout this time. A special thanks goes out to those who helped with our very successful poppy drive.

            I am pleased to announce that Post 17 is a quota post for 2 years running. A quota post is one that exceeds its expected membership for the year. We still have to push for membership though, so keep up the effort. I am extremely proud of the progress our members are making in keeping our Post moving forward.

            We are almost ready to start bingo up again. We can always use volunteers to help out with that. Post 17 hosted the 2nd District Testimonial, and on Wednesday, June 13 we will be hosting the 2nd District meeting for their election of officers. Our own Tom Honyotski will be going up to District Commander and a good showing of support from our members would be nice.

            On Saturday, June 16, there will be an event at Post 17 by “VetFuel.org”. They will be serving breakfast and signing up local veterans for assistance of all kinds (Medicaid applications, free eye glasses, etc.). There will also be a licensed nurse to take basic vitals such as blood pressure, diabetes screening, etc. If this is successful, we will have them back.

            Flag Day at Salem School will be held on June 13 at 0830. Andy Morrissey will be speaking to the children about the flag. All veterans are invited.

            Independence Day will be observed on July 3rd. The Veterans Council will start the festivities with a flag raising at the Maple St. firehouse at 1845.

            Summer is almost upon us and I hope all of you have a good summer. Don’t forget, I am at the Post almost every weekday morning from 0900 to 1030. Stop in, say hello, have a cup of coffee. I’d love to see you there.